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Andrew Sullivan is not giving up on his demand for answers about the Sarah Palin selection. A strident critic both of Palin and of her selection to the McCain ticket, Sullivan has repeatedly blasted the GOP, Johnny Mac, conservatives and Mrs. You Betcha herself for what he sees as glaring, fundamental and inexcusable flaws and faults in just about everything the aforementioned parties have done and said as regards the Alaska governor.

And today, Sullivan announced he has no plans to quit hammering away at the issue.

I applaud him. The spirit of reconciliation and post-election cooperation and warm and fuzziness is no reason to give anyone a pass on what had taken place over the past two-plus months with Sarah Palin. As Sullivan says, those who ignore history…


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That’s right, we’re calling. If you think about it, it’s not really a ballsy call. CNN just gave Obama Iowa which brings him up to 206. Once Washington, Oregon and California come in, it’s locked.

About a half an hour ago or so, Patton Oswalt summed up McCain’s chances by quoting Dan Rather:

Dan Rather update: “In poker terms, what John McCain is doing is trying to draw the proverbial inside straight. In Magic: The Gathering terms, he’s attacking an Ice Wyvvyrn with a Hedge Dwarf. In ‘male runaways I’ve got locked in my basement’ terms, he’s trying to chew through the restraining collar while wearing punishment socks.

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Good Morning.  On today, November 4th, 2008 you are being asked to take time out of your day to head to your local polling location and to cast your vote for the President of the United State of America.  In addition you will be asked to vote for congressmen, many of whom you probably don’t know much about.  The focus for the better part of 2 years has been on the Presidential race and that is likely the choice that is foremost in your mind today.

A word of caution–  With record turnouts expected again this year, it is likely as we have already seen through some of the early voting experiences this year, massive lines, malfunctioning technology, and a generally frustrating experience.  Do not let it get the better of you.  Take a moment to meet a new neighbor, to appreciate the volunteers that are manning your polling stations, to be thankful for a country in which we get to exercise the right to vote for leadership.

I don’t care who you vote for.  By this time we all have our reasons for voting for a given candidate and I’m not here to persuade anyone to another way of thinking.  I ask only one thing of anyone that reads this–

Don’t stop.

We fall prey, I think, to this overwhelming sense of duty once every 4 years and after casting our vote think to ourselves “well, I’ve done my part.”  We get frustrated if our candidate loses or we rejoice if he (or in the future perhaps, she) wins.  I ask that whoever loses in this election that their supporters be gracious to the best of their ability.  I know, in an election of such intensity with so many telling us so much is at stake, that it will be tough.  But it is necessary that we move forward together no matter who wins.  For those that lose, your responsibility will be to maintain a critical eye on the winning candidate and the government as a whole, their decisions and policies, and to make your voice heard when they falters in their responsibility. For the winners, let nothing be sacred.  Enjoy your victory but do not fail to recognize that yours is the same responsibility as those who lost– maintain a critical eye.   No candidate no matter how much we like them or agree is flawless and no government infallible.  If bitterness is the sin of the defeated, then so is pride for the victorious.  As a nation we can afford neither.

Today is not the finish line but the starting line.  Your active participation may be the culmination of Presidential election efforts but it is not the conclusion of your civic responsibility.  You have a duty to yourself, your community, and your country to continue to educate yourself on the issues that effect you most, to actively question your government, and to work for its improvement through state and local elections, as well as through your everyday conduct in the community.  But who cares about duty when you’re trying to pay bills?  When you have mouths to feed, there aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done, and sometimes you feel like the world is set against you?

The task of keeping the American people engaged in this process falls to those leaders we have elected, the media who reports on their activities, and to those who worked so hard to mobilize Americans over these many months.  I doubt highly our elected officials will fulfill their duty to engage us and to serve our needs so that we can devote more time to the task of citizenship.  I doubt highly that the media, once viewers tire of the fervor of post election coverage, will be diligent in reminding us of our responsibility as citizens.  This means I can only hope that those individuals, who showed so much commitment and drive in their respective campaigns will continue in public service.   Run for office, play a role in an upcoming local or state campaign, write about it, talk about it, become the leader you have been training to be.  Become the journalists we need, the politicians we would like to have, the organizers that help orient our frustrations and give a voice to our grievances, that help us achieve those small victories that often make the biggest impact in our lives.

America– this has been and is a great nation.  We can all do our part to see that it continues to be so but only by recognizing that we have real problems and that the government, no matter who is elected, is not going to fix all of them.  Don’t stop talking to your family and friends and co-workers about the things that matter to you.  Be it religion or education, politics or the military, taxes or the environment…in a nation with aspirations as great as ours no topic should be off limits and no idea should be above critique.  A great people deserve a great nation but so to does a great nation deserve a great people.

To the future President:  Congratulations, you have won the support of enough people to claim the highest office of our nation.  You have whipped us into a fervor and people are active and engaged more than I can remember in the last 10 years.  The eyes of the nation and the world are upon you and your presidency will mark what we hope to be a turning point for our Republic.

Do no squander this energy, this sense of empowerment, this personal investment in our nation.

Do not let us down.

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With less than a week left to go, I thought I would take a gander and see how YOU found this socialist, plumber hating website (even though I personally know a plumber who is quite good at fixing shit).

Anywho, here we go!

·      bandit pulpit

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·      ‘commodity futures modernization act + mccain           

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·      bush & the bailout bandits           

·      pulpit+bulletproof           

·      https://banditpulpit.wordpress.com                       

·      glittering generalities


I would have to say that “Jesus Satire,” “glittering generalities,” and “John McCain Fascist Whackadoo” are the winners. Although, it does make me laugh that so many people have found our site by using the search term(s) “corn holes”/”cornholes”… With all of the names of frumpy politicos on our blog, I cringe to think of the combinations that could bring us more traffic.

Spread the word. We’ll keep going after the election. Stay tuned for more coverage and comment as we inch closer to the big day!

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Forget bulimia. Anyone looking to shed a few pounds need only to listen to the slime coming out of the mouths of Repulican fearmongers like Minnesota Rep. Michele Bauchmann, and you’ll be guaranteed to vomit right into your own lap.

Check this out:

Joe McCarthy would truly be proud.

The fact that an elected official from one of America’s two major parties would dare go on national television to accuse someone who very likely might end up our next president of harboring “anti-American” sentiments should sicken anyone who gives one iota of shit about honest, civil political discourse in America.

It’s easy to declare that Bauchmann, McCain, Palin and all the others who repeatedly insist on fanning these flames should be ashamed of themselves. But if shame were a possibility, we wouldn’t be hearing this crap. Rather, we need to ask them, WHY? Why do you think Obama is “anti-American”? Give me one example. Give me one reason. What has he said? Which of his policies, which have been laid out before the American people and seem to be gaining their approval, are “anti-American”? How can a man who might be chosen by the majority of Americans to lead them be “anti-American”? If the people are buying what he’s selling, hasn’t that issue been settled?

Where, exactly, is the anti-Americanism? Was is evident in being selected to the same conservative-lead, conservative-populated educational board as Bill Ayers? Evidence points to “no,” but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Bauchmann from peddling her phony outrage over the issue.

The GOP is clearly committed to this line of attack against Obama. They spend their time demanding “an explanation” from Obama about the nature of his association with Bill Ayers. They parrot this line repeatedly, and Obama has responded repeatedly, seemingly ready and willing to offer up the disclosure they’re demanding. But it doesn’t matter — the GOP will continue to act as if they weren’t listening, to put forth their dangerous insinuations by asking over and over for explanations that have already been offered time and time again.

Most ludicrous, perhaps, in all of this is that while Obama is forced to defend himself for serving on an educational board (founded by a pal of Reagan’s, no less) with Ayers, no one outside the liberal blogosphere — not even those insidious boogeymen in the “liberal” mainstream media — seems to give a shit about Sarah “Pro-American” Palin’s very real ties with the Alaska Independence Party, a uniquely Frontier State party that has made no bones about its interest in seceeding from the Union — an act that, by the way, isn’t just “anti-American” but flat unconstitutional as well. Gov. Palin was never a member of the AIP (although they initially declared that she had been), but her husband did join (if Michelle Obama’s remark about being proud of America for the first time is fair game to Bauchmann, than Todd Palin and the AIP sure as hell is) and Palin was more than happy to speak at their convention in 2006 while running for governor. (Oh, and this year she sent a video message to their convention: “Good luck … Keep up the good work.”)

Totally innocent and inconsequential, you say? A “smear,” you say? Fine, let’s agree to drop it if the GOP is willing to finally let go of this flimsy Ayers crap.

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I just got home and it was a good day today.  I say good mostly because I have a job.  A job that pays well.  This is more than a fair number of people in my neighborhood can say.  Sure, my day came with all the requisite absurdity of any day in big city America.  Noise.  Aloofness.  Frustration.  Filth.  Poverty.  Silence.  Intensity. Elation. Wealth.

I’m writing tonight because on my way up the stairs leading out of my subway stop I stopped a moment, covered as I was in a thin film of sweat and mass transit grime, to listen to three men singing “This Little Light of Mine” along with an impromptu 4th member of their group.  She was 5’8″ish, thin, with dark brown skin and thick, raven hair.  She was dressed in business attire: black heels and skirt, a royal blue blouse.  Her right heel click-clacked a righteous rhythm on the worn floor tiles as her shrill soprano voice, confident and in key, sang to the walls, turnstyles, and rush-hour passersby.

“On my way to work,” she sang as the chorus of men, all bouncing knees and swaying heads, answered back, “I’m gonna let it shine.”  I smiled.  They’re a bit of a scarce commodity these days- smiles.

I don’t care if you’re religious or even a fan of the song.  The point is that the soul of America, the thing we are all presumably fighting for one post, one protest, one donation, one rally, one youtube link, one “special report,” one vote at a time is renewed and manifested in moments like these.  For at least a moment four people were just Happy Singers- an impromptu identity more genuine and American than any you’ll find on pollster’s questionnaires or voter registration forms.

I encourage you to look for these moments no matter how busy you are, how caught up in your life and in this election you might be.

After November 4th, the mission to “save” America doesn’t stop.  Curiously though the rhetoric will.  The people we were encouraged to vilify and despise and rally against just 24 hours ago will go back to being our teachers, parents, bus drivers, bosses, colleagues, friends, band mates, volunteers, students, children…and so on.  We  will have to live here together and work together, same as we always have, same as we always will.  There will be no politicians glad handing us and handing out apologies-  they’ll leave that dirty, humbling work to us to do in the break room and around the water cooler.

I can only hope that as we head into the final weeks of this campaign, as the politicians drive Americans apart to win votes that Americans will have the integrity not to let their vote alone define who they are.

America isn’t saved by elections. America isn’t for the politicians.  The bullshit expires in less than a month.

d. zomgergen

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As it often happens with controversies and scandals, what we are getting from the mainstream media in regards to this ACORN business has been incomplete at best.

While right-wingers, both those employed by FOX News and otherwise, have been pushing hard to pin this on Obama (big surprise), Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo has taken the audacious step of calmly walking us through what’s up.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: ACORN pays individuals to go out and register voters. But these folks don’t always have the strongest work ethic (they may even be unemployed themselves) and so you end up with a lot of falsified voter-registration forms. The ones ACORN doesn’t catch get turned in and voila: massive left-wing, Obama-lead voter-fraud conspiracy.

But the folks doing all the huffing and puffing haven’t bothered to think through this. How could filling out voter registration forms with the names of cartoon characters, dead folks and the Dallas Cowboys actually lead to real voter fraud? Seriously, think about it. These applications will not make it past state screeners — as we are finding out. And if they did, then what? You cannot just line up with your fellow election-stealers outside the polling place and have your way with the voting booths. There are actual safeguards in place that prevent this.

So this is not about vote-stealing. As far as methods of voter fraud goes, this is a dead-end. If Obama was trying to steal the election, you’d think he’d have a little better strategy than trying to sneak Terrell Owens and Tony Romo onto the rolls in Nevada.

Agreed — this is inexcusable behavior and a phenomenal strain on public resources. Those responsible should be held accountable and punished within applicable legal guidelines. But why has the media narrative been about how Obama might be connected and whether our democracy is one step from the cliff’s edge? Why won’t anyone bother to apply, as Mr. Marshall did, a little common sense and critical thinking?

(And of all things, this? How about paperless electronic voting machines? Voter intimidation? Faulty equipment? Improper voter purges? Anyone?)

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