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Andrew Sullivan is not giving up on his demand for answers about the Sarah Palin selection. A strident critic both of Palin and of her selection to the McCain ticket, Sullivan has repeatedly blasted the GOP, Johnny Mac, conservatives and Mrs. You Betcha herself for what he sees as glaring, fundamental and inexcusable flaws and faults in just about everything the aforementioned parties have done and said as regards the Alaska governor.

And today, Sullivan announced he has no plans to quit hammering away at the issue.

I applaud him. The spirit of reconciliation and post-election cooperation and warm and fuzziness is no reason to give anyone a pass on what had taken place over the past two-plus months with Sarah Palin. As Sullivan says, those who ignore history…


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Yesterday our own David zomGergen told you of the spontaneous revelry that engulfed his home neighborhood of Harlem the other night. (Didn’t you hear?)

It was a similar scene in our nation’s capital, as noted on the new blog Curbside/Shoreline. And, as that writer pointed out, Nov. 5 was also an exciting day for newspaper publishers across America, although likely not the dawn of a long and lasting change of the kind bearing down on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Here’s the difference, noted by others already: People didn’t snatch up papers yesterday to get the news. They did so to have a keepsake, a physical remembrance of an historic event. Today and onward, we’ll go back to getting news and information in the ways we find most convenient for us — and those increasingly involve pixels and power supplies. As long as unique moments in history remain few and far between (and by definition, don’t they?), the dead-trees business will likely continue to see its profits, and relevancy, slip.

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